Suurkadaka holiday village is a complex based in Vätta peninsula, Saaremaa. In our place you have an alternative choice, one house you want to fall asleep in or one you want to throw a little party.
In Suurkadaka you can forget about your mobile phone, throw your problems in the corner and just relax.
We accept a single travelers, families with children and also people who would love to throw a party in our complex.
Get your people together and contact us, ask an offer according to your wishes.
From the heart of Kuressaare it is just 10.6 kilometers to Suurkadaka!
From the city to our complex it is a nice short trip, so it is cheap to take taxi. That way even the ones who have the wish to party hard in clubs, can stay as long as they want and still get back to Suurkadaka! That's how close to the city we are!

Our houses

We can offer accommodation in different houses suitable for you. Do you want to sleep in a Bastion suite tower or in a Sauna house? The choice is yours.

What we do in Suurkadaka

We will keep you up to date what are we doing in our holiday village. What parties we have in there, what have we built and what birds live in front of Horseshoe bar.

Additional services

Check the price list or ask directly about additional services you can order.